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Management and Info Tech Club

Academics at JIMS have always been supplemented by a host of student centric activities. JIMS offers students the opportunity to explore a multitude of extra & co-curricular activities through HR Club, Marketing Club, Retail Club, Finance Club etc. This is an excellent platform for YOU to participate as industry partners for a holistic development approach

E- Cell

Entrepreneurship is the present day need of the industry. People working at all levels in the hierarchy of Management Tree are required to be instilled with entrepreneurship skills. Corporate personality and traits showcase a sign of entrepreneurship spirit. The concept takes into account the will and the drive by the youth in knowing the innovative capabilities in the organization. Our entrepreneurship cell “Tarkash” firmly believes and harbors the innovative thought that emerging economies like India need. The cell brings out the entrepreneurial spirit in budding managers and provides them with the vital support system to set up new ventures. These innovative thoughts instill in them new challenges and roles. The business thought and the profound business plan emerges in the minds and takes the shape of a business venture. The working of the minds with fresh ideas is what the cell aims at.


"Creador" - Connecting with the Retail World

The Retail Club enables students to analyse, track and explore the innovative changes in the world of retail. Its mission is laid on 3S ie to share knowledge, spread values and show leadership. As a part of club activities various forms of indoor and outdoor activities are planned such as Trunk Show, Fashion Cafe, Luxury Retail Workshop, Social Responsibility projects, Excursions, VM Competitions, Brand Quiz, Styling session, Industry Talk etc.



The pace of change brought about by new technologies has had a significant effect on the way people live, work and play worldwide. This club will provide a platform to all those students who are interested in creating new methods for competing with such changes. Bizz n Byte aims at providing participants exposure to the immerging trends in technology and serves as a communication platform between future managers and industry.



The need of the hour is to help students in developing their interpersonal skills needed in the corporate world through role plays and management exercises. The club also facilitates live projects, works on increasing corporate interaction and brain-storming on current issues in the area of Human Resources.


21ST Century has witnessed many robotics predictions turning into reality. The day is not far when robots will do many imaginative things. To cope up with the ever changing IT industry and to expose our students to the latest technology, JIMS has already setup Robotics Lab with several educational robots like the Robotic Car (BOE Bot), Sumo Bots and Robotics Arm.