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JIMS Rohini organised a 'Vaad Vivaad Pratiyogita'

The Patriotic club organized a “VAAD VIVAAD PRATIYOGITA” (Debate Competition) on 23rd September,2021 to celebrate “HINDI DIWAS”. The topic given for debate was “Krishi kaanoono parkisaano ka virodh”. The competition was a great opportunity given to students to reminisce the beauty of their mother tongue and honour its presence.

The competition started and all the teams were given 5 minutes to put their thoughts forward one by one. Most of the participants spoke in favour of the farmers bill and were able to put their thoughts forward clearly and confidently. After that all the teams were given a chance to cross questioning and argue on the points they didn’t agree upon. It was a great learning for all the students.

List of the Participants

Team 1 – Yash Verma and Yash Murari Sha (BCA 2nd year 1st shift)

Team 2-Hardisk Mudgil and Sparsh Gupta (BCA 2nd year 1st shift) 

Team 3-Moksh Grover and Ashutosh Kumar (BBA 3rd Year )