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TECHNOWHIZ 2019 - Rediscovering Technologies: Changing the Directions

This year Technowhiz 2019 an Anuual InfoTech Symposium for BCA started with a revolutionized journey of 5G Mobile Computing and Data Science. It was conducted on 6th April 2019, at Crystal Hall, Crowne Plaza, Rohini Delhi. The theme was “Rediscovering Technologies- Changing the Directions.” This year there were several participation of students and faculty members from other IPU affiliated colleges. The event started with national anthem and saraswati vandana. Inaugural and Technical Session-I started with welcome address by Dr. Praveen Arora, (Dean, IPU affiliated Programs) and with Director’s Address by Dr. Pooja Jain.

The chief Guest at Technowiz 2019, 5th Annual Infotech Symposium for BCA was Mr. Rajiv Arora, Group Head IT and CIO Siemens. He enlightened the BCA Students with his knowledge highlighting how IT is changing directions. His session helped to appraise the undergraduate students on various aspects such as: “Driving forces behind digital transformation”, “Major IT issues and priorities of the CEOs of the IT Companies” and most importantly how Indian Government is driving the growth in the field of IT. He explained the four broad initiatives of the government which are Digital India, Smart City, Make in India and Start up India. He also highlighted the key AI technologies which are wide adoption and making rapid progress. The students at the end of the session felt motivated to work and learn the latest advancements in IT. He concluded by saying “Technology driven with business sense is driving the transformation in the field of IT”.

The session continued with our Keynote Speaker, Ms. Sangita Garg, Enterprise Architect at TCS. Ms. Garg started her technical talk by discussing on “How to Discover Data Scientists in You”. The session included some live scenarios of data sciences. She also defined that Data science is a multi-disciplinary field that uses scientific methods, processes, algorithms and systems to extract knowledge and insights from data in various forms. There are various industries making use of the data science field some of these include Food, Drug, Telecom, Medical etc. She also helped the students to understand that data in data science can be either structured or unstructured. All the insights of data sciences were also discussed in the gathering. Ms Garg also motivated the students to opt data science as a career option.

Mr. Devesh Lowe, (Assistant Prof.(JIMS) and Co-Convener-TechnoWhiz) gave vote of thanks by appreciating the technical knowledge shared by our guest. The Inaugural Session went very well, and the students got a better understanding about data science.

Technical Session-II started with our first technical speaker Mr. Deepak Goel, Group CEO of BMG corporations | iMET Global | iSOICAL. His topic in session was “Business Insights in data decision making”. He highlighted on New developments and transformations in 2019 in all areas of business. He spoke on how the world grew by 30 years from 2012-2015 and anticipated that it will by another 30 years in time to come. He also spoke on electronic gadgets that exists today. He addressed students by saying conventional education will only create base but there is gap in academia & industry. He spoke to students on employment opportunities in the field of data science. He threw light on importance of business impact of technical aspects, data entities, and journey of data. Lastly, he spoke on PPIT (People, Process, Information & technology) and concluded the session. The session was well delivered and received appreciation from the audience.

Mr. Gunjan Aggarwal, Entrepreneur and JIMS Alumni, was the second Technical Speaker. He talked about data science and its various components like- Computer/IT, Machine Learning, Software development, Domains/Business Knowledge, Traditional Research and Maths / Statistics. He explained the process which includes the Data ->Questions -> Hypothesis->Experience -> Analysis->Results where the Hypothesis and the data is used with the Experience to analyse the data and find out the appropriate results. He also discussed Case study with students on data science in which AI tools were used to help and measure the number of species in the River, where the human errors can be rectified and classification can be easily done using the algorithm and parallel processing techniques.

The Session was moderated by Ms. Aakanksha Chopra (Assistant Prof. (JIMS) and Convener- TechnoWhiz) she concluded entire technical session by reflecting upon the vitality of TECHNOLOGY. Science of today is technology of tomorrow. Technology changes the quality of life. But technology cannot change human intelligence. Freedom of technology is the new law, Data access is the new trend, and rediscovering the existing technologies is the new direction. The technology has revolutionized to the extent that it has become our lives. As our hunger for knowledge is growing so our need for technology is growing. Lastly, Ms. Chopra gave Vote of thanks by expressing her gratitude towards technical guest speakers, management of JIMS, faculty members and students. 5th Annual InfoTech Symposium TechnoWhiz 2019 came to an end with an insight on Rediscovering existing Technologies.