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JIMS Rohini Organized Visit to India's Warehousing Show 2021

As Students, the best education one could possibly get is by exposing themselves to the new possibilities and innovations that the world has to present. It was exactly with this intent in mind that a visit was arranged to India's Warehousing Show 2021. It was an overwhelming process for the students where they could not only see India's largest enterprises dealing with warehouse management and logistics but also interact with the said enterprises. 

Mr. Nitin encouraged the students to actively seek information and interact with all the companies present at the venue. He also emphasized the fact that the sole purpose of this visit was to let the students experience what new technologies and services companies have to offer in the current scenario and where they are headed in the next few years. 

This visit was highly regarded and enjoyed by the students as they found it not only informative but also broadened their horizons about the current market scenario.