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jims Rohini organized Matribhasha diwas

Language is a very visible form of culture of a nation.India’s deep, rich and strong culture finds roots in its diverse languages. Wewould all agree that to promote and preserve mother languages, the linguisticdiversity of our country must be showcased with pride. UNESCO has declared 21stFebruary every year as International Mother Language Day to promote thedissemination of mother tongues and create fuller awareness of linguistic andcultural traditions throughout the world so as to inspire solidarity based on understanding,tolerance and dialogue.

In keeping with the desire of the Ministry of Education, Expression,the Literary and Dramatics Society of PGDM/JIMS organized an aligned event on21st February, 2022,

The tenor of the event was celebratory and all the students& staff members attended the highly participatory event and expressedthemselves in their mother tongue through prose, poetry and monologues that unfurledtheir love for motherland as well as their mother languages. A few renditionson serious social issues and comic pickups from our routines provide the muchappreciated diversity to the range of expressions. Hindi. Punjabi, Maithili,Kari-Boli and Haryanvi were the major language mediums that were used by theparticipants.

The office bearers of the Society were amongst theenthusiastic participants and they added an informative surprise to the eventby sharing several lesser known facts about languages from across the globe.