JIMS 8i-International Journal of Information, Communication and Computing Technology (IJICCT)

Volume 9, Issue II: (Jul-Dec, 2021)

Table of Contents

S.No. Title Details
1. A Customized Interactive Multi-Language Learning Application Model Using Python
Meganathan Kumar Satheesh, Samala Nagaraj, Hemachandran K, Raul V. Rodriguez
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2. Customer Satisfaction Model in Cloud Computing Environment
Ms. Nikky Ahuja, Dr. Priyesh Kanungo, Dr. Sumant Katiyal
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3. Open Source Text Visualization Tools: A Comparative Analysis
Gowri R Choudhary, Iti Sharma
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4 Smart Wireless System For Different Wireless Technologies
Amit Naik, Dr. K.Krishna Naik
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5 BPPCP: Block chain-Based Privacy-Preserving Communication Protocol for VANETs
Jyoti Sharma, Ankesh Gupta,Madhav Sharma
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