JIMS 8i-International Journal of Information, Communication and Computing Technology (IJICCT)

Volume 10, Issue I: (Jan-June 2022)

Table of Contents

S.No. Title Details
1. A Biometric Palm Print Authorization System using Local Feature
Dr. Shriram D. Raut, Dr. Ashok R. Shinde
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2. Influence of Artificial Intelligence on Employee Engagement and Employee Behavior
Manisha Agarwal,Eti jain,Prof. SK Sharma,Dr. Arvind Kumar
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3. Performance Analysis of Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain Network 2.2
Krish Khattar, Dev Mittal, Ms. Shobha Tyagi
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4. Analysis and Comparison of Different Cryptographic Algorithms
Yash Aggarwal, Nittan Kumar, Varun Devrani, Poonam Katyal
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5. The Study and Thought of Customers knowledge & Satisfaction of Adapting Digital Marketing Strategies in a new Interactive Market Scenario
Dr.Shipra Jain
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