JIMS 8i-International Journal of Information, Communication and Computing Technology (IJICCT)

Volume 11, Issue II: (July-Dec 2023)

Table of Contents

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1. The impact of Employee Consciousness on Work Life Balance
Ms. Jagrati Asija, Prof. (Dr.) Sumita Srivastava, Dayalbagh Educational Institute, Agra, India
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2. Unveiling Computer Awareness: A Case Study of Undergraduate College of JK, UT.
Ms. Agrima Malhotra, Arushi Malhotra
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3. Introduction to Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality: Concepts, Applications, Implications and Challenges
Ms. Sushma Malik, Dr. Anamika Rana, Dr. Madhu Chauhan
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4. Studying how employee engagement affects job satisfaction, with a specific emphasis onthe intermediary function of the labor relations climate
Dr. Isha Bhardwaj, Dr. Pradeep Bhardwaj
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5. The Role of Smart Tourism in India for Optimizing Visitor Experiences through Technology
Dr Naveen Kumar R, Mrs. Pavithra R, Dr Yuvaraj V, Dr T Muthu Kumar
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