International Journal of Information, Communication and Computing Technology (IJICCT)

Volume V, Issue I: (Jan - Jun, 2017)

Table of Contents

S.No. Title Details
1. Image File Transfer using Socket Programming
Ric Davis
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2. Browser-Based Trivia App through Web Sockets
Chaseon Taranto, Jordan Gugaria
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3. An Explanation and Demonstration of NAT Punchthrough using a Peer to Peer Chat Client
Gabriel Morgan, Nicholas Strosnider
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4. Optimization of Deployment Quality for Intrusion Detection in Surveillance Wireless Sensor Network
Anamika Sharma, Siddhartha Chauhan
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5. Clustering Algorithm of Data Mining to Detect Network Statistics
Kirti Jain
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6. CASAS: Customized Automated Sentiment Analysis System
Yachika Gupta, Parteek Kumar
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7. Analyzing E-Commerce website using Google Analytics Tool to enhance Customer Interaction
Fredricka Joyous Masish, Ritu Punhani
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8. Text Line Segmentation of Handwritten Historical MODI Documents
Kulkarni Sadanand A, Borde Prashant L, Manza Ramesh R, Yannawar Pravin L
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