Recruitment for Reviewers


Participation in the peer-review process is absolutely essential to the success and reputation of any reputed journal. Reviewers and editors determine which works are of quality and significance. Due to our extensive readership, the research and scholarship selected by our reviewers will ultimately have an impact on studies in national and international classrooms.


  1. Possess a doctoral degree in a discipline related closely to the journal
  2. Hold a teaching or research position at a university or academic institution
  3. Be fluent in academic and professional English
  4. Have a strong interest in the scholarly journal
  5. Work quickly and accurately under tight deadlines

How to apply

  1. Complete the application form.  Register Online
  2. Send your application form to any of the journal's e-mail address:  [email protected]

Assessment of Applications

Applications are assessed on the basis of the CV supplied. The applicant must demonstrate fluent English and hold a PhD in the same area as the journal. The applicant must hold a current research/teaching position that he/she has held for at least 2 years relevant to the journal. Applications must demonstrate prior experience as a peer reviewer and author in the same area as the journal. Where these criteria are not met or the CV is unclear or incomplete, the application will be politely declined.