International Journal of Information, Communication and Computing Technology (IJICCT)

Volume IV, Issue I: (Jan - Jun, 2016)

Table of Contents

S.No. Title Details
1. An Approach for Preventing Accidents and Traffic Load Detection on Highways using V2V Communication in VANET
Prashant Panse, Dr. Tarun Shrimali , Dr. Meenu Dave
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2. Effects of Code Rate and Constraint Length on Performance of Convolutional Code
Madan Lal Saini, Dr.Vivek Kumar Sharma
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3. Software quality prediction using different software metrics
Asif Ali, Dr. Kavita Choudhary, Dr.Ashwini Sharma
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4. Customers’ Satisfaction towards E-Services in Indore City
Abhay Jaiswal, Dr. Dharmendra Mehta, Dr. Chanchala Jain, Dr. Naveen K. Mehta
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5. Personalized Service Recommendation System Using Big Data – A Survey
Divya Ghai, Nidhi Jain
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6. Security Issues in Android Smart Phones
Rama Bhatia, Dr. Renu Bagoria, Prof.(Dr.) Barjesh Kochar
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