International Journal of Information, Communication and Computing Technology (IJICCT)

Volume II, Issue II: (July - Dec, 2014)

Table of Contents

S.No. Title Details
1. Using Heat and Ceilometer for providing Autoscaling in OpenStack
Pratibha R. Gupta, Sheetal Taneja, Aparna Datt
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2. A Survey of Spell Checkers for Indian Languages
Shabnam Agarwal
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3. Self-Adaptive Spider Monkey Optimization Algorithm for Engineering Optimization Problems
Sandeep Kumar, Vivek Kumar Sharma, Rajani Kumari
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4. An Effective Method for Fast Double Error Correcting Code with Lower Overhead
Madan Lal Saini, Dr.Vivek Kumar Sharma, Dr. Kavita
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5. A novel data cleaning method to improve the data quality in a data warehouse using WordNet 3.1
Deepshikha Aggarwal
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