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Mandatory Disclosures

Mandatory Disclosures

Mandatory Disclosures-Academic Audit 2023

Particulars Annexure

Programme wise list of faculty for Academic session 2022-23

Annexure I

Class wise Time Table for the Academic session 2022-23

Annexure II

Status of Accreditation

Annexure III

Number of Ph.D Holders

Annexure IV A

Publication in WOS/Scopus. UGC Care

Annexure IV B

Publication in UGC Care II

Annexure IV C

Publication in referred Journal

Annexure IV D

Number of publication in Conference Proceeding

Annexure IV-E

Book /Book chapter published

Annexure IV-F

Course / Teaching plan

Annexure IV-G

Proof of LMS

Annexure IV-H

Classroom available

Annexure IV-I


Annexure IV-J

Best Teacher Award

Annexure V-A

Documentary evidence of mechanism for grant of study leaves

Annexure V-B

Documentary evidence of grant of funds to teachers to attend conferences, seminar, workshop etc.

Annexure V-C

Individual computing facilities

Annexure V-D

Availability of Students’ Grievance Redressal Committee (SGRC).

Annexure VI-A

Nomination of SGRC

Annexure VI-B

Verifiable documentation of proceeding of SGRC

Annexure VI-C

Availability of Psychologist and professional student’s counselor

Annexure VI-D

Dissemination of SGRC

Annexure VI-E

Feedback of Student

Annexure VI-F

Report of Proceeding of SGRC sent to university

Annexure VI-G

Institutional Support for University Examinations

Annexure VII

Status of Library

Annexure VIII

Status of Laboratory

Annexure IX

Status of Computer Labs

Annexure X

Co-Curricular Activities conducted by the Institution

Annexure XI

Publications of the Institutions

Annexure XII

List of Personality Development activities

Annexure XIII-A

Establishment of Personality Development lab

Availability of Student Counsellor

Annexure XIII-B

Sports facilities available

Annexure XIII-C

Placement Activities

Annexure XIV

General parameter of the institution

Annexure XV