Bachelor of Computer Applications


BCA Semester -1

BCA 101          

Mathematics – I

BCA 109             

Technical Communication

BCA 103             

Introduction to Programming Language using C

BCA 105             

Introduction to Computers & IT

BCA 107             

Web Technologies

BCA 171              

Practical – I C Prog. Lab

BCA 173             

Practical – II IT. Lab

BCA 175           

Practical – III Web Tech. Lab

BCA 181            

Bridge Course In Maths

BCA Semester -2

BCA 102       

Applied Mathematics

BCA 104           

Web Based Programming

BCA 106          

Data Structure and Alogrithm Using C

BCA 108

Database Management System

BCA 110             

Environment Studies

BCA 132             

Mooc Course

BCA 134             

Front and Design Tool VB.Net Lab

BCA 136           

Statistical Analysis using Excel

BCA 138            

Designing Lab Photoshop

BCA 172

Practical -IV WBP Lab

BCA 174

Practical -V DS Lab

BCA 176

Practical -VI DBMS Lab


BCA Semester -3


BCA 201

Computer Network


BCA 203

Computer Organization and Architecture


BCA 205

Objected Oriented Programming With  C++


BCA 207

Human Values and Ethics


BCA 211

Basics of Python Programming

BCA 211

Basics of Python Programming Lab

BCA 213

Cyber Security

BCA 213

Cyber Security Lab


BCA 221

Principles of Management &Organizational Behaviour

BCA 223

Open elective offer by other Department/school/programme

Skill enhancement course

BCA 231

Mooc course

BCA 233

Designing Lab Corel Daraw

BCA 235


BCA 237


BCA 239

Cyber Ethics


BCA 271

Practical-VII C++ Lab

BCA Semester -4

BCA 202

Java Programming

BCA 204

Software Engineering

BCA 206

Introduction to Management &Enterpreneurship Development

BCA 212

Introduction to Data Science DSE-2

BCA 214

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence DSE-2

BCA 216

Network Security DSE-2

BCA 218

Web Development with Python DSE-2


Digital Marketing

BCA 224

Principles of Accounting

BCA 232

Personality Development

BCA 272

Practical-XII Java Lab

BCA 274

Practical-IX SE Lab

BCA Semester -5

BCA 301

Operating System & Linux Programming

BCA 303

Computer Graphics

BCA 305

Cloud Computing

BCA 307

Minor Project

BCA T311

Data Visualization & Analytis DSE-3

BCA P 311

Data Visualization & Analytis DSE-3

BCA T 313

Machine Learning with Python DSE-3

BCA P 313

Machine Learning with Python DSE-3

BCA T 315

Web Security DSE-3

BCA P 315

Web Security DSE-3

BCA T 317

Web Development with Java & JSP DSE-3

BCA P 317

Web Development with Java & JSP DSE-3

BCA 331

Summer Training Project

BCA 371

Practical -X Linux -OS Lab

BCA 373

Practical -XI CG Lab

BCA Semester -6

BCA 302

Data Ware Housing & Data Mining

BCA 304


BCA 306

Internet of Things

BCA 312

Machine Learning with Python DSE-4

BCA 314

Deep Learning with Python DSE-4

BCA 316

IT Act and Cyber Laws DSE-4

BCA 318

Mobile Application Development DSE-4

BCA 372

Practical-XII IOT Lab

* Non-University Examination System (NUES)

** Evaluation will be based on Summer Training held after fourth semester and will be conducted by the college committee only.

*** Any Elective Subject will be offered if minimum 1/3 rd of the total strength of students in the class will opt for it.