Bachelor of Computer Applications

At JIMS, we focus on long-term learning while keeping in mind the complexities of curriculum and industry requirements. This approach helps students in understanding the concepts in an innovative manner and also their applicability in real world.  It’s not just about what we teach, but how we teach it.

Our faculty members engage students in the teaching and learning process by creating curiosity, encouraging critical thinking, and instilling the mindset for problem solving.

Numerous learning and teaching techniques are employed to impart knowledge and skill to the students. These include Lectures, assignments, simulation tools, group discussions, project work, mock tests, PI etc. Further enrichment to skill is provided through the guest lectures, workshops, quizzes, and many sessions on personality development, soft skills, Intellectual Property Rights, Human Values etc.

Our pedagogy lays emphasis on increasing the technical as well as human skills through clear conceptual understanding of core subjects, with complete exposure to industrial practices. The approach includes the following components:

Classroom Learning

The latest theoretical concepts are built and reinforced through discussion-based pedagogy with an emphasis on practical implementation of theory in life.


Presentation & extempore

Students learn to develop and present their ideas in classroom with an objective of not only understanding concepts better but also able to express their thoughts in front of an audience.


Students are motivated to apply classroom teachings and study on their own by structured assignments related to theoretical concepts discussed in the class.


Research Paper

Students are encouraged to identify, discuss and propose their research ideas and come up with innovative solution to social or environmental issue under the guidance of our faculty members.

Project Report

As an integral part of the curriculum, students are required to work on one project in every semester and a major project. This is an excellent opportunity for students to have close interaction with the industry-experts who often give them live projects to work on.

Personality Development Skills

Personal development skills are abilities that help one to grow both personally and professionally. Improving these skills can help one to maximize his/her potential. Our students are regularly exposed to interactive sessions on communication skills, inter-personnel skills, leadership, problem solving skills, work ethics etc. for their overall grooming.

Performance Evaluation

The performance of a student is evaluated through:

  • Class participation and month-end Assignments assessment
  • Subject Internals
  • Lab assessment
  • Project evaluation
  • Semester-end Examinations
  • Personal Interview
  • Publication of technical paper
  • Behavioural assessment
  • Evaluating students on ‘how he changes the challenge to opportunity’