Master of Computer Applications


At JIMS, students are trained to be goal oriented and focused in their pursuit of knowledge.

At JIMS, both students and faculty act together to accomplish something which is of greater importance to widen student's exposure and practice in IT technologies. We emphasize on increasing the human skills by clear conceptual understanding of subjects with complete exposure to industry practices. The approach includes the following steps:


To get in touch with changing developments, the prospective software professionals are required to gather information from conference proceedings and reference books. This is a part of the rigorous course curriculum.


Here students during their three years of study are attending lectures/talks/presentations given by senior computer professionals from organizations, IT companies and consulting firms. Thus, students get a wide exposure to real-life design, development and testing practices being followed in the industry.


As per the course curriculum, the students are required to make projects on different topics. This helps them in applying the newly acquired theory to practice. These projects require the students to design specifications, develop codes and carry out thorough testing by discussion with industry personnel.


Mini projects are carried out during the five semesters and a medium size project is done in the summer between 2nd & 3rd year of MCA programme.


The performance of a student is evaluated through:

  • Class Participation
  • Month-end Assignments
  • Case Study Analysis
  • Sectoral Presentations
  • Project Work
  • Mid-term Tests
  • Semester-end Examinations