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Guest Lecture on “The Driver of Organizational Performance”

Guest Lecture on the topic “The Driver of Organizational Performance”

At:  JIMS, Rohini, Sector-5, Delhi

Key Speaker: Mr. Arumugum Subramaniam- Head HR, Bharti Airtel

A Guest Lecture was organized for students of PGDM, PGDM (IB) and PGDM (RM) Batch 2012-2014  on the topic “The Driver of Organizational Performance” on Saturday, 20th July, 2013. Mr. Arumugum Subramaniam- Head HR, Bharti Airtel, Gurgaon  was the speaker at the session. With his vast experience in telecom sector and a varied portfolio, he shared with students the practioners point of view of corporate. The session became insightful when he shared his professional experience with our students. He mentioned that there were two factors that indicate organizational behavior; Lead and Lag factors these are Lead Factors categorized into four parameters i.e. Product, Service, Talent and Brand and Lag Factors i.e. Revenue, Profitability, and Cost. He also mentioned that these factors are a prerequisite in determining an organization’s performance via-a-vis its outcome i.e. Lag factor. Input determines the Outcome therefore both the factors should be kept in mind when framing and planning an organization.

He also mentioned and quoted that “Market is unforgiving” and that “MBA is a generalist equation”. He guided students and mentioned that the “choice of subject has to be keenly looked at”. He quoted that a “Great Salesman is the disaster salesman”, the more you rise high the more you become reliable. Further, a robust Q & A session took place where our students asked numerous questions and cleared there queries.

Overall, the session induced students to get prepared at the hands of corporate and follow a focused and a steady approach towards career formation. It was well appreciated both by the students and the staff at JIMS.