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Workshop on Application of Excel in HR

A workshop was held on January 25, 2016 for the PGDM-HR students on the topic ‘Application of Excel in HR’. It was organized by the faculty Dr. Pratima Daipuria and the resource person was Mr Pankaj Gupta, HR Associate, Acidaes Solutions Pvt. Ltd (CRMNext).

The 3 hours activity was the first in the series of such workshops that shall focus on providing practical hands-on training to the students, who would be opting for HR as their career option. The trainer gave introductory knowledge of MS-Excel applications, which are essentially required in HR profile. Students were given case studies and practical problems which they solved with the help of Excel tools. Various MS Excel functions were explained and their application in HR were demonstrated such as in hiring, performance appraisal, salary computations, working attrition rates, etc.

Dr. Pratima Daipuria assisted throughout in the workshop by giving required inputs and resolving queries from the students.

Overall, it was great learning experience for the freshers, and techniques learned would help them in their respective careers.