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Excursion to Chowki Dhani by Retail Department

Creador- The Retail Club of JIMS organised an excursion to Chowki Dhani, Sonipat for PGDM batches (RM, General & IB students). Chowki Dhani is a unique entertainment concept set in Rajasthani village theme.The idea was to give students an exposure to 'Innovative Retail Destination' which typically promotes and portrays a rural area.The trip turned out to be a great success where students got themselves involved into various traditional activities starting from the welcome tilak that reminds of "PADHARO MAHRE DES" hospitality of Rajasthan, the mandir, village bazaar, folk entertainment, animal rides , bioscope, village style photo studio, horoscopes, mehendi, games zone etc.Apart from the activities, the students also got a chance to have a taste of “Shudh desi ghee ka khaana”. It brings to life, a colorful Rajasthani heritage that leaves  awestruck with all the attractions and elements of ethnic culture and tradition. It was encouraging for students to visualize how a rural concept can be so beautifully executed and converted to a ' Delightful Retail Destination'. Students also enjoyed the simplicity and beauty of the place along with fun times with friends. Creador promises the institution and its students to give them many more such experiences in future. The activity was conceptualized and supervised by the Retail Department.

PGDM Retail Management Students  PGDM RM, General & IB students

The Retail Club of JIMS organised an excursion to Chowki Dhani, Sonipat  PGDM Retail Management JIMS Rohini

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