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Guest Lecture on "Digital Customer Experience in an Interactive Space"

Guest Lecture on "Digital Customer Experience in an Interactive Space"
Keynote Speaker- Prof. Nitin Seth

JIMS marketing club organized a guest session for the Ist year PGDM students was organised on 21/11/14 on the topic "Digital Customer Experience in an Interactive Space". Dr. Nitin Raj Seth, Senior faculty (former Academic Head) of MBA program at Auckland Institute of studies and Visiting Professor of AUT University, Business School, and Unitec Institute of Technology, Auckland, New Zealand. He was Director (2000-06): Jagan Institute of Management Studies JIMS, India

Dr. Seth highlighted the importance of a seamless user experience in the digital world. He focused on how the user experience has evolved in the last century with new user interface like Twitter, Facebook. The latest trends being- anywhere anytime concept, the wisdom of the digital tribe (making friends, write on blogs), multi channel customer engagement. These trends in digital technology influence others significantly. It is however quite challenging to market to a digital native because he is active, informed, connected and channel neutral. Dr. Seth explained the students about the forthcoming opportunities in the digital space and how they can make a career in this field.
The session was interactive, engaging and enlightening for everyone.