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Workshop on "A step towards reality" - PGDM Batch 2014-2016

---------------- ASTEP TOWARDS REALITY--------------------

The Workshop wasorganized by Finance club, Jims, Rohini on August2, 2014 in campus premises forPGDM-General 2014-16 batch -Section C.

The workshop wasconducted by Mr. Shray Aggarwal, alumni, Jims 2012-14 batch and currentlyworking in EVALUE SERVE.COM PVT. LTD.

Workshop wasorganized by Finance club, Jims, Rohini  ASTEP TOWARDS REALITY

The main objectiveof the whole session was to give a true and a real picture of Corporate Worldand to make students understand the accurate meaning of the word “PROFESSIONAL”.

Keytopics of discussion in the session were:

  • His experience till date in the Company
  • How to work on Body Language and Personality
  • Skill Development
  • Idea Building
  • Placement overview
  • How to make your presence count
  • Importance of Summer-Internship
  • Public relations and much more…

He paid moreemphasis on the theory of “PRE-ASS-UME” followed by the concept of “SMART WORK”rather than “HARD WORK”.

Many powerpointslides and videos were used to motivate the students. Finally the session cameto an end by Question round in which students were allowed to ask freely asmany questions they like ,of their area of interest.

Overall, the sessionwas inspirational. Students can picture their personality 2 years down the linein a corporate world as a successful professional.

Real Mantra for Life:-

Earlier- Slow andsteady wins the race.

Now-Fast and Smart wins the race.


Mr. Shray Aggarwal, alumni, Jims 2012-14 batch  PGDM Students JIMS Rohini