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Saturday Talk Series - Session XXIXth

Jagan Institute of Management Studies, Sector 5, Rohini, New Delhi organized “SATURDAY TALK SERIES – XXIXth” on Saturday, 24th May, 2014 at its campus. The continuous faculty interaction programme was an initiative by the faculty members to present their research papers or any other similar activity with JIMS fraternity. The moderator for the session was Dr. Parminder Bajaj, Faculty, JIMS and the resource personfor the presentation was Ms.Pooja Jain & Ms. Yukti Ahuja, Faculty, JIMS.

The JIMS faculty and other staff members from various departments attended the presentation. 

The paper presented was on “FROM CONVERSATIONS TO CONVERSIONS: THE ART OF STORYTELLING IN BUSINESS. The presentation highlighted “the art of storytelling that has always been a part of the Indian tradition since eternity”. It has travelled generations with its power to mesmerize and entice the listeners. Story telling goes far deeper than facts and figures; it ensures long term connections because it can capture the hearts of the listener rather than just making a knock at the mind. Brand storytelling isn’t a new concept, it has been used for years but the whole landscape has evolved; the digital revolution has encouraged many new platforms, technologies and channels to share and tell stories. Hence, marketers have understood that storytelling is a potent tool which can create an impact on the hearts and minds of the customers. The research seeks to address the relevance of Art of storytelling in the modern day marketing

Overall, the presentation was interactive and educative where there was something new to be learned and was appreciated by the JIMS fraternity.