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Guest Session On The Importance Of Upskilling In The Virtual World

Jagan Institute of management studies took the initiative in making their students cognizant by guiding themselves to prepare for the imminent future by organizing an enlightening session on “The importance of upskilling in the virtual world”. The event took place on 7th June,2021.

Upskilling in the Virtual world has become the Paramount of Management with reinforcement of workforce and making them thrive in a competent environment. With technology changing rapidly and the way how different companies operate, there is an immediate need for aspiring workers and employees to equip themselves with the skill sets.

The Resource Person for the event was Mr.Harbind Singh who is a process specialist in the American lodging company Airbnb and have been JIMS alumni, BBA batch (2021-15)


The session commenced by welcoming the resource person.
Guest speaker Mr.Harbind Singh got the ball rolling by greeting the professor and students.

Firstly, he made the session interactive by asking the students if they were aware of the basic requirements that is needed in the corporate world with further stressing on their training in Microsoft office such as Excel or PowerPoint. He went on further by steering the students to start taking courses on platforms such as Coursera or Udemy and grabbing a google Advert certificate which would help students in building their resume and making it appear more appealing.

He further diversified the fields of management with first being Marketing. Mr.Harbind explicated and recommended the courses on the platform coursera being Marketing research, project management etc. and that to focus on one’s creativity with the boost in these skills that will help them in better implementation. 

He expanded the field of Financing with enquiring the number interested in the specified scope, and one could gain knowledge in this background by upskilling in machine learning, block chain, financial analytics, financial modelling etc. 

The third field that the he illuminated was of Human Resource informing the students about the same by telling them how lucrative and evolved the field has become, he shared his own experience on this.

The last field that he concluded was of Operations which was a major part of cities such as Banglore, Kolkata,Mumbai etc. and varies from Information Technology(IT) industry to financial to customer service which makes it one of the toughest but rewarding area. He further gave an example of a tech-based research company that has interactive workforce be it in shipment, logistics or product based.

There was an open Q & A session with the students which made the session more captivating and engrossing.

The session was concluded by expressing the vote of thanks to the speaker for the excellent coverage on the importance of upskilling in the virtual world.