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Regional Seminar on Commodity Derivatives

PGDM department organized a webinar on 2nd March,2021 for PGDM Batch (2020-22) students by Mrs Veena Kumari, Manager at NRO SEBI and Mr. Vinit Singh Kaler,Sr. Manager in Training and education dept. at MCX.

The session was very fruitful as studentsgot to know the information about security market. The speaker started thesession by giving brief introduction of security market, where she gave a glanceof Market capitalization. With those terms, speakers discussed about someorganizations i.e., NSE, BSE, NSDL, CSDL, AUM FOLIO, etc. After that they talked about three key mandate of SEBI whichare:

1)      Protection of the interests of investors insecurities.

2)      Promote the development of securities market.

3)      Regulate the securities market and connectedmatters.

Also major works of SEBI had been discussedin the session. After this all discussion some details had been shared abouthow process can be simplified for applying for public issue shares andreduction of time period for listing issues to T+6 days. Some recent Investorprotection measures for secondary market and Mutual funds had been discussedand at the end Do’s and Don’t of investing in securities market and howGrievance redressal works in securities market.

Overall it was an informative session.