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PGDM department organised an event called Brand -o-folicon 3rd March, 2021 for PGDM ,PGDM IB & PGDM RM batch (2020-2022)students.

The event was a Marketing Quiz related to logos,taglines and parent companies. The quiz consisted of three rounds logoidentification, taglines identification and parent identification. There weresome questions for audience also for which they got one chocolate for eachright answer.

The guests for the event were Dr. Pratima Daipuria,Dean,PGDM and Ms Ambika Bhatia.

The winners of the first prize were-  Yogesh Chaudhary Priya Aggarwal, AdityaGupta. They won the cash prize of 1500rs. The winners of second prize wereShikhar Aggarwal , Aparna Vats and Vatsalya Sharma. They won the cash prize of1000rs.

The members in organising team were-

Muskaan Bhatia, Vansh Mittal, Naman Talwaar, RaghavArora, Shruti Khandelwal, Aditya Chchabra, Himani Vora and Manthan Mohan.