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JIMS CONNECT: A Guiding Note from Alumni

To take a walk down the corridors of nostalgia, “JIMS CONNECT: A Guiding Note from Alumni”, An Online Alumni Interaction Series [2020-2021] for MCA I year students was organized on 20th February ,2021

The session was based on the Topic: "Software Testing”. Ms. Aakriti Kakkar was the Resource Person who is a Senior QA Consultant, Concretio Apps. (Alumni MCA Batch 2008-11). It was an incredible reunion of alumni, students, and faculty.

Ms. Aakriti Kakkar shared her experience and discussed the testing modules that is usually used in corporate sector, the session was an open-hearted interaction, regards to our carrier opportunities, work, and life balance.

Student learnt that  to work in corporate, one should know their priorities ,  should never bound themselves, try to face and accept every challenge that comes your way, never say no to any work.

She also discussed, that in today's scenario both technical knowledge (of computer languages) and non-technical behavior (like organization antiquates) are important equally to grab the opportunity  in any IT Company. 

One should make their  presence. Make sure that people can't ignore you, be a strong personality, and  best version of yourself.

Ensure that you have something unique, that makes you stand out from the rest of the crowd, that makes you survive in corporate life to reach to the place that you want. There has to be one goal that will take you to reach the heights you want and also what matters is your performance consistency.

With all this information she also discussed about her personal experience working in corporate. Also, how different perspectives may lead to a least bug containing  final product that has to be served to the client. 

Students got to know different testing techniques (Black box, White box, Grey box) which they use to rectify/remove bugs to prepare the final product

The session was a great success in its prime motive of Connecting and Networking the alumnus and the present management, faculty, and the students.