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Managing Self: Emotional well-Being and Mental Health

PGDM department organized a session on “Managing Self: Emotional well being and mental health” on 24th February,2021 for PGDM Batch (2020-22) by Ms. Iqra Pervez ,a post graduate in clinical psychology and a mental health consultant to children at Bharat national public school.

She started the seminar by talking about the society's perception about depression and how people don't take depression as an illness. 

She made the session very interactive by asking the students about the problems they aref acing in life or the general trait they have in their behaviour that they want to change.

She also gave five tips to students to express their feelings like to Talk it out with friends and family members whatever you are feeling, To write your thoughts, get busy in any creative activity, to do a self talk by looking in the mirror and the most important was to be physically activity.

The seminar was valuable and fruitful.