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Guest session on “campus placement- Entering life 2.0”


PGDM department organized a guest session on “Campus placement – Enteringlife 2.0” for PGDM batch (2020-22) students on 13th Feb 2021 by MrIshan Dhara, Lead Customer Centricity at Birla White and JIMSAlumni (2010-12) Batch.

The speaker started the session by giving numerous insights about thecampus placement through his first hand experiences. The guest session wasabout campus placement-Life 2.0, where the speaker gave his fruitful advice oncareer planning and the 5 steps we should follow to exceed in our career. Healso gave some quick interview tips such as Right dressing, answeringtechniques and one must practice confidence. Furthermore he also advised toprioritize the tasks.


Lastly, the speaker sumup the session by giving important advice that there is no best specialization,one should just choose that one about which he is passionate. The root of bestinterview will start with no lies, as we should never lie to the interviewerabout our academics or anything he asks.

Overallthe session was very insightful.

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