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Noel Fundraising (Padsquad X JIMS)

Noel Fundraising

(Padsquad X JIMS)


The details of the event are as follows-

Date & Time –28 th December 2020, 11am-12.15pm

Guest Speaker – Ms.Chhitra Subramaniam , Film Producer & Co Founder – PadSquad.

The event was embraced by the presence of Dr PratimaDaipuria, Dean PGDM, JIMS Rohini Sector-5.

The speaker had a very interactive session with theparticipants the discussion revolved around

Gratitude, the joy in helping others etc. An initiativewas taken by the speaker to acknowledge &

motivate the students about self love, acceptance andmany more. The audience was suggested to

write about 10 things they were grateful for, eachmorning, that would help to throw the light on

positive side of everything.

Ms. Chhitra described her journey with Padsquad andinspired a lot of budding managers present

there. The students were encouraged to donate a minimumof Rs 40 for the fundraising campaignChat button, agent online

for distribution of sanitary napkins so as to experiencethe joyous feeling of kindness and humanity.

The queries of the audience was well responded to in theQ&A session. The event ended on a happy

and successful note.