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DURATION:2:15pm-4:15 pm (2hours).                                               DATED: 18th December, 2020

JUDGES:Dr.Bhavneet Kaur & Mr. Yuvraj Singh sherawat

The event had three rounds-


The Classic Shooters: Thefirst round was The Classic Shooters in which the topics were given 1 hourprior to all the teams and pictures were collected before the commencement ofthe round and no entries were accepted once the round began. It was a “no eliminationround”, but the marks given in this round were added with the next round, &then the eliminations were done. All the teams were judged on the basis of appropriatenessto the topic, creativity, colour, lighting & focus on the photos.

Gist O Meme:Then came the second round Gist O Meme, which was about the world of memes. Inthis round all the teams were given templates for meme, and then they selectedany two of their choice and add captions to it, which were HR centric and ofcourse humorous. The teams were given 7 mins each to create memes, and bonuspoints were also given in case they were early birds. This was an eliminationaround and teams were judged on the basis of humour, relevance and timelimit.

HistoriaNarracion: The highlight of the day was the thirdround which was Historia Narracion. In this round the teams were given thetopic by judges to narrate a story from the list of topics which were alreadysent to the teams a day prior. 2-3 mins were given to each team forpreparation. In this round, judges stopped them in between and asked any teammember to continue with the story further. Teams were judged on the basis ofits appropriateness to the topic, HR centric, humorous.

Twoteams were adjudged as the first prize winners. It was an overall greatlearning and entertaining experience for the students.