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Guest Session on “Welfare leads to Wellness”

PGDMdepartment organised a guest session on “Welfare leads to wellness” by DrKanika Dewan, Josh Talk Speaker, Director please find attachment for PGDM Batch(2020-22) students on 14th Dec 2021.

Thespeaker started the session as the concept of welfare. Welfare or wellbeingrefer to an overall condition emphasizing happiness and contentment, thoughalso including one’s standard of living in financial or material ways. Welfarein this sense more commonly refers to the condition of an entire country oreconomy, which is sometimes emphasized by using the phrase “social welfare.”

Then she shared real lifeexperiences where she stated the importance of wellness and how it is connectedto welfare? The students clarified their doubts with the speaker.

Overall, the session was veryinsightful.