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JIMS Faculty conducts Training Programme on ‘Communication Skills’ at ROINET Solution

A one day training program on ‘Communication Skills’ was conducted by JIMS faculty members for ROINET Solution on 18th December’2020 at their Gurgaon office. The training programme was customised with a focus on customer dealing and how the sales staff should represent ROINET while interacting with customers. The key Resource Persons for the MDP were Prof. S.C. Kapoor and Ms. Harpreet Rakhra. The program included four sessions:

JIMS Rohini
JIMS Rohini


In the first session, Prof. Kapoor introduced the relevance of good communication skills through various activities and interesting exercises. The participants were apprised of the difference that good communication makes in interpersonal relations among the staff members and with the customers through story telling.


Ms. Harpreet started with an engaging activity on the essentials of communication. The activity emphasised on the relevance of clarity in communication, an important factor that matters a lot while giving instructions. Conciseness, courtesy and consideration in communication were also explained through various useful and day to day examples in context of customer dealing. Correct way of writing official Emails was another topic discussed in this session.  A number of situations were discussed for its practice. Some tips were also shared for the right choice of words. In addition, few templates were suggested to the participants.Furthermore, the essential rules of phone etiquettes were explained to the participants. There was a quick activity on listening skills too in which three stages of listening were covered. Moreover, the correct way to deal with an irate customer on phone was discussed along with the skills required to do so and also how to win the customer back along with another topic, conference call etiquettes.


In the third session post lunch, Ms. Harpreet focussed on Non-verbal communication and Intonation. The discussion and activities related to body language and intonation made the session very engaging. How to leave a strong first impression on others was also discussed along with the proxemics. Perception and how it changes the thoughts and feelings was another topic covered in the third session.

FPM JIMS Rohini, Delhi


Prof. Kapoor discussed the perils of not being able to solve the conflicts properly in the fourth session. The discussion revolved around various techniques and styles of conflict management. Additionally, the concept of assertive communication and what difference it makes in the communication of a leader was also explained in detail through examples and anecdotes.

Overall the entire training program was very interactive and participants got the knowledge on how they can groom themselves better and become more effective in their communication.