Latest Events


The Dramatics Society, Drama Company organized an activity ‘Rangmanch’ on 5th December, 2020. Inviting participation from all the verticals of PGDM, the activity involved enactment of popular characters from Bollywood movies, television and web-based series. Two team and three individual participations were judged by Mr. Rishabh Tiwari, a respected Stage Artist and ex-faculty at NSD. On the basis of monologues/dialogues, costume and enactment, Mr. Tiwari gave a detailed feedback cum analysis of each of the performances that kept the audience as spellbound as the interesting enactments by the participants.
Jagriti Gugnani of PGDM (2020-22) won the first prize of Rs. 2000 for her characterization of Kokila Bhen while Vani Khanduja (PGDM (2020-22)) who enacted as Geet from the movie, Jab we Met bagged the second prize of Rs. 1000. Shubham Garg of PGDM (2020-22) received special mention (and attention!) for his outstanding performance but missed out on being the winner.
Anant Vashishtha, student president of the society led a talented team of co-organizers Ritika, Shailvi, Radhika, Muskaan, Sana and Sakshi to a well accomplished online activity lasting about 80 minutes via the Zoom platform.