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Theatre Workshop on Mindfulness for Managing Aspirations

A theatre workshop was organized on Mindfulness for Managing Aspirations by the International Business Department of JIMS Rohini, on December 9, 2020; with an objective of providing an insight on the ongoing issues in the world and stimulating the attitude of a “change maker” in every student. The resource person for the session was, Mr. Rishabh Tiwari, Chief of initiative, Lead Trainer for Great Indian Aspirations.

The event started with Mr. Rishabh asking the students to collect a few things which were of importance to them, such as a food item, a family picture, a precious gift/belonging and a wearable or any such thing that describes our passion or future. Later on, the story of a changemaker, Saleha, a 17 year old Shattering Menstrual Taboos in Govandi slums near Mumbai was also shared with the audience. Further, questions on how to be a change maker and finding solutions to such issues in the world were also being raised. The major lessons from the session came from Saleha’s story.

She primarily discussed the importance of inculcating a change in your own self before trying to bring about a change in the world. To set a right example in society, it is very important, “To be the change that we want to see”. She also mentioned that a “change” is subject to an initiative. Most people in the back of their minds keep thinking about bringing a change in the society and helping others. But their thoughts usually become a lost cause as people tend to wait for a perfect moment and make themselves capable enough to help others first and eventually end up not helping others at all. The story of Saleha reinforced the urgency and the need to take a step. For starters as said, we could help the people around us, anyone, even if it is a passerby on the road. It can and it will make a difference. She insisted on the fact that we must take a step instead of measuring its impact in intensity, regardless of the moment. In fact, we must start small, according to our capabilities and then build up gradually if we want.

Throughout the course of the session, three major issues were raised : Women safety in

India, Finding purpose in life and How to find a solution to problems such as stress. And later on students were put into different breakout rooms as per their choice, where these problems were thoroughly discussed upon and solutions were found with the guidance of Mr. Rishabh.

Each group came up with a small thoughtful solution in order to be able to implement it within a week's time, again highlighting the importance of acting up and taking initiative.

The event was brought to a close with Mr. Tiwari asking us all to take a last bite from our food and sharing all those things of importance that we had been asked to collect primarily, with the whole class which made us realise that we all should be grateful for what we have, as a lot of people in the world are still fighting for the most basic things that are needed for survival. In the end, he emphasised on the fact that we are all the “Changemakers”; given, we take an initiative.

The workshop invigorated a deep sense of self; as well as understanding, responsibility and empathy towards each other; hence expanding our horizons and developing our overall awareness and sensitivity.