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Guest Lecture on CLOWNSELORS

How many times have you heard management students receiving a session on mental wellness? With the increasing awareness of the importance of mental wellness and mental illness, students attended the session especially in this current stressful and competitive life. 
The students of PGDM-RM, batch (2020-22) was fortunate enough to attend such session by the well-known medical clown, Tedx speakers, and lecturer, Ms. Sheetal Agarwal, Founder –Clownselors on 17th September 2020. Clownselors is a platform that aims at spreading smiles, reducing pain, self-discovery exercises, and organizing awareness campaigns about medical clowning and its benefits. 
Ms. Sheetal began the session on a humorous note to build a comfortable vibe between herself and the students; and later moved towards a discussion on mental health and its concepts. The students were made aware of how important it is to take care of their mental health in the same manner as they take care of their physical health by eating well or working out. As students were unaware of the various ways of obtaining good mental health such as social well-being, self-care, mindfulness, meditation, gratitude, etc. Ms. Sheetal explained the students about some early signs that people were generally unaware of when one is going through the early stage of mental illness and does not realize the same. At the end, Q&A round was conducted where students cleared all their doubts.
Clownselors like Ms. Sheetal Agarwal is no less than superheroes who have dedicated their lives in helping such people who are fighting with such severe mental issues.