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Creador-The Retail Club Baadshah –E- Ad Sangram

Baadshah-e-Ad Sangram was organized on 19th September 2020 for all PGDM verticals by Creador -The Retail Club. This was an adverse ad appeal activity. The teams were given a retail brand in which they had to re-create an advertisement, using the appeals which were different from the original advertisement appeals. The judgment of the activity was based on creativity, presentation and conceptual background. The judges for the events were Dr. Bhavneet Kaur & Dr. Amisha Gupta- Associate Professor, JIMS.
Participation of students were in teams consisting of 4-5 people in each team. Teams were given a retail brand at random and were asked to recreate that brand’s advertisement in an adverse appeal. The ads were made in narration form and were enacted on web conferencing with videos on. Teams had made visual ppts to support their narration. The final event ended on a suspense where two teams tied for the 1st Runners Up position,and team Creador went into the tie breaker. As this thrill was not enough for the fate, the team which wasn't quick enough to answer won the tie breaker round, as the first team of the Tie Breaker answered incorrectly. 
The winning team was -PGDM Sec C - Kirtika Gupta, Shubham Garg, Jagriti Jugnani,  Anshul Singh and Mohit Goel.
And the 1st Runners Up -PGDM Sec A - Shubhika Sharma, Harshita, Sahil and Vishal. 
At Creador we make sure no one feels left behind un-engaged, Scavenger Hunt and Brand Gibberish were some really interesting audience engagement activities which were conducted. The winners of these two were-
1. Rachel John
2. Sakshi Grover & Sonia Narang.

Creador is certainly very pleased to have successfully organised this online activity without any roadblock in the new normal. We look forward to have more such events in the future and expect heavy participation from all verticals of PGDM.