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Guest Session on- "PERSONALITY GROOMING" by Ms. Ruchika Dugal

PGDM –International Business @ JIMS Rohini organized a session on “Personality grooming” on December 02, 2020 for the students of PGDM-IB with the sole objective of grooming inner-self. The session was taken by Ms. Ruchika Dugal (Soft Skills and Communication Trainer)

The session started with an engaging interaction with students in which Ms. Ruchika asked many students about the problems they have faced during pandemic and during the  online mode of lectures.

She told the students about the importance of  sharing things and spilling out what is going on in mind with the help of simple mirror activity in which students have to look into the mirror and contemplate the thought process and reinforce the positivity and gratitude.

After this self-realization activity students came out with the actual individual within them facing ample number of issues like frustration with their acne, accent and confusion. Ms Ruchika told simple and great things that BE GRATEFUL FOR WHAT YOU HAVE REGARDLESS OF THE APPEARANCE. Accept and believe in yourself, outside beauty doesn’t matter when you are not beautiful from inside. You must carry a confidence which is both inner and outer and embrace your natural beauty.

She told students that SELF LOVE is most important, if you are able to love yourself then only you can give love to anyone else around you.

Overall the session was very interactive and students got the knowledge of how they can groom themselves better.