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Rapport Building

As a part of the Orientation Week, students of PGDM RM batch 2020-22 were greeted by Dr. Anju Chawla, Corporate Trainer.  In the testing times of Covid, where students were not present physically inthe campus, this online session was the perfect gateway for them to build relationships and make rapport with each other for the years to come.

The session started with a small activity regarding knowing the current rapport among the students. The average score received was very low, 2 approximately out of a maximum score of 5.

Students were then introduced to the concept of a breakout room which turned out to be a very useful tool for the students for group discussions, interactions and activities.  The same was used to build rapport within small groups interactions. The students were placed in different break out rooms and asked to talk amongst themselves and find 3 common things among the group and inform one fascinating thing about any member.

This simple yet effective activity helps build the foundation of friendship and trust, within and outside the group. After this small activity the same test was conducted and the average score reached 4 out of 5, which got visibly improved compared to the previous score.

After this activity Dr. Anju gave 4 easy ways for effective rapport building, namely; mirroring, repeating, listening and asking powerful questions. These 4 easy hacks will not only help students in building rapport but also build long term relationships. Students enjoyed the session thoroughly.