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Guest session on Entrepreneurial Opportunities

The resource person of the session was Mr. H.P Singh being a 30-year experienced working as a Chief Consultant in Niesbud (The National Institute for Entrepreneurship & Small Business Development, under Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship, Govt. of India) at Noida head office.  Mr. Singh is certified trainer of I L O and I F C.

The session covered the following aspects: how to leave the cage of corporate offices that 9-5 workload and focus on something self-made. 

  • Recent pandemic situations where people are losing jobs and we need to focus on ‘Atma nirbhar Bharat’ banks are easily giving loan support for MSME. 

  • Entrepreneurship in India was existing from the colonial era II. Railways was set up in 1853, and talked about the major players of the era G.D. Birla, Goenkas, Khaitans, JRD Tata and many more. 

  • Also, the factors to which we can relate Business with economics the factors such as trade mark, trade promotion functions of management, Marketing and SWOT comes into play. 

  • The speaker talked about starting from a small level understanding the needs of the people. The difference between Invention v/s Innovation, whereas the difference between Innovation v/s skill. The need of why to go for business?

  • The role of government in SMEs Trade Promotion- Ministry of commerce, Ministry of MSME, Ministry of MSDE, Ministry of WCD and more. 

  • The definition of MSME and the difference between small and medium enterprise, and the financial institution that can provide loans to MSME, Exim Bank. And NARBAD, State financial Corporation was discussed too.

  • “Behind every successful man there are a lot of Unsuccessful Years” anybody can do it by putting heart and soul to what they are doing. 

  • The business that can be established post Covid-19, such as Home gardening, Online coaching and training, Home Gym products, IOT Data Science, Insurance, Healthcare, Household Products and many more. 

  • Trade Idea Production- Patent 20 years, Trademark 10 years, Copy right life + 60 years.