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PGDM department organized a guest session on “Roller coaster ride of stock markets” for PGDM batch (2020-22) students on 4th, 7th & 9th Sept 2020 by Dr. Vinod Kumar, Visiting faculty in various renowned institutions.

As the name of the guest session suggests the session was all about stock markets where the speaker discussed about bull and bear which relates to the conditions when prices goes up and down respectively.

The speaker explained how stock market works, when price of shares go down, it creates the opportunity to buy more shares. It was also been discussed that secret of making money is hidden in the market and we just need to find them. Warren buffet says we should buy the shares when everyone is selling. 

It the biggest question whether generating money in stock markets is science or an art. Basically it is both as we have the rules and we have to use our creative ideas as well in stock markets to earn money. The situations and value of shares keep on changing on the regular basis. Sometimes companies doing well also need to sales their shares at lower prices because of market situations.

We all are needed to be very knowledgeable to help the market to grow in a better manner. We need to keep making our effort to reach that goal and should be working to make more money.

With these things many other things were discussed in the session. Overall, the session was very informative.