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INVESTOFIN - The Finance Club of JIMS organized its first activity - "MEME-O-MANIA" for  PGDM (batch 2020-22) on 29th August, 2020, under the guidance of Dr. N.P. Singh. The event  was organized to nurture the creativity and inclination of students towards Finance. The idea  was to make learning Finance a fun even for the students who find it complex and difficult. The  event received a colossal response from students. Eighteen teams participated in the event.  Each team had 4 members. There were 2 rounds and the results were based on the cumulative  scores of the rounds. In Round 1, there were 20 questions in all which the participants were  supposed to solve in a time span of 10 minutes. The questions were to identify the financial  terms by images shown as hints.  

The teams were then given 20 minutes in Round 2 in order to create 4 memes out of 10 meme  templates provided to them. The condition was to depict financial terms and relevance through  those memes. The teams showed a great zeal and fervour. The rules of the event made the  event even more exciting and thrilling. The memes were judged online one by one by the  Professor (Dr.) Navneet Joshi. 

To keep the audience engaged and active during this time, a similar game was organized where  they have to guess the financial terms by relating 2-3 images, the banks’ logos, the CEOs and  taglines of banks or major recent news of the bank. Questions were asked from them and the  top 5 correct answers were given the best audience certificate.