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Debate Competition on The Media Should Be Free to Express Their Opinion and Criticism

Academic Club (IP) of JIMS successfully conducted the debate competition on 10th October 2020. The topic of the debate competition was “The Media Should Be Free to Express Their Opinion and Criticism”. The competition was worth-enjoying for the audience. Every debater was cheered for their pleasing presentation and sharp arguments. The debate arguments are summarized as following:

For the Motion: Media should have freedom of speech but with restrictions and with accordance of constitutional rights and responsibilities.

Against the Motion: Freedom is not free, it comes with responsibility and accountability. Media should be unbiased and respect human privacy.


The winners are as following:-

First Position: Mayank Girdhar, BBA ,2nd Year, 2nd Shift.

Second Position: Prashansa Aggarwal, BCA, 2nd Year, 2nd Shift.

Overall it was an encouraging event.

To view the event recording, please click on the below link: