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Yakult Danone India Pvt Ltd Industry Visit

PGDM department organized a virtual industry visit with Yakult Danone India Pvt Ltd for PGDM Batch (20-22) Sec A, B & C students on 21st & 22nd Sept 2020. Ajay Dahiya, Public Relations Manager, Yakult gave a virtual tour of manufacturing unit of the company.

He started the session by giving brief history about the company as how in 1930 by Dr. Minoru Shirota who was a Japanese scientist prepared a special type of drink made up of Lactobacillus casei Shirota. It was proved to be very useful for liver of all age group people. So it was started provided at the lower price. 

Basically, Yakult is a Japanese company and has been opened as a joint venture company when it came to Indian market. At present it has made a very big market and could satisfied a large number of customer in Indian market. 

The speaker elaborated further as how the product made by the company which is totally natural and most of the products are being made by same ingredients. Pectin is the most important and common among them. 

The speaker also stated the benefit of taking this drink as it helps in improving the digestion of people of all the age groups and build immunity to fight with different diseases.

Last but not the least, the speaker wound up the session by sharing a video of the manufacturing unit and explained how it functioned. Overall it was an interactive session for the students.