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Guest Lecture on- "Building a brand from scratch" by Ms. Mahima Gupta - Founder, BHU Botanicals

JIMS Rohini organized a session on “How to build a brand from scratch” on September 30, 2020 for the students of PGDM-IB with the sole objective of informing them how to build a brand from scratch. The session was given by Ms. Mahima Gupta a teacher turned into a successful entrepreneur.

The session was initiated with a formal introduction of Ms Mahima Gupta. She briefed the techniques of “how to bridge the gaps in the market for giving a unique existence of the product in competition with other existed brands in market. She explained how marketing and sales plays a vital role for setting up a business from scratch. Before setting up a new brand one needs to concentrate on certain factors i.e targeting and positioning which anyway one don’t pay much attention while drawing business plan.

She discussed various factors, like how to find a gap in market, the main difference between marketing and sales, how one should position his brand, and which audience should brand target like the age group. She took example of her own brand i.e BHU botanicals, she discussed how she faced many problems while setting the brand, how she targeted audience and how her brand got a image.

Overall, the session was very interactive and insightful.