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Jointly organized by Expression, the Literary Society and Drama Company, the Dramatics Club, on September 12, 2020, NavRas had a commendable participation from both the first and the second year students of PGDM, PGDM-IB and PGDM-RM. The action of the event went live on Zoom platform for 90 minutes with an audience of 120. 

According to the theme of the event, a participating team of two students had to choose any one of the emotions from love, fear, courage, disgust, joy, wonder, peace, sadness, anger. The script as well as the enactment by participants had to involve the chosen emotion. Though most of the teams chose the darker emotions of sadness, fear and anger, the entire activity was an interesting mix of praiseworthy performances. 

The acts were judged on voice modulation, expression, connect, clarity and creativity. The winning team of Aditi Paliwal and Kriti Rustagi (PGDM 2019-21) bagged an award of Rs. 3000/ while the second prize of Rs. 2000/ was won by Rana Vasu and Gatendra (PGDM 2020-22) and the third prize of Rs.1000/ by Radhika Wagh and Muskan Bhatia (PGDM 2020-22).