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Retail NextGen

Jims Rohini organized a Webinar on “ Retail NextGen” for the students of PGDM-Retail Management (batch- 2020-22) on 28th August,2020. This resource person were Mr. Anil Kumar Sharma, the Marketing Head, Truffle Collection India, and Mr. Abhishek Mohla, Deputy General Manager (DGM) at Shoexpress India (Landmark Group).

The session started with the insights by Mr. Sharma on the current scenario of Indian retail total number of stores, total turnover and the total employment generated through retail in India. The discussion went on to the various career opportunities present in the retail world. The Session also covered the numerous myths that people generally have about the retail industry. It was vital to discuss the myths of retail in this session since a lot of students who are currently pursuing PGDM-RM  wanted to have clarity on the future prospects in the retail sector and a lot of those myths and confusion got cleared after in-depth discussion. After this, the session was taken over by Mr. Abhishek who shared useful insights on the different types of business models with examples. There were also a lot of pandemic related discussions in the session, its impact on the retail industry and how this industry is dealing with this situation and coming out with new ways to recover itself every day.

By the end, the session was again taken over by Mr. Anil who gave the students an open stage to ask all kinds of questions that they wished to, regarding the session or any other retail related query that they might have. The session had ended on a good note and the entire batch seemed pretty joyous and appreciative towards the exposure that they had received through this session.