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How many times in your lifetime do you come across a person who is a senior supply chain management professional and has also served for our country as a part of the Indian army? An alumnus from IIM Calcutta and ISB Hyderabad and an accredited professional from MIT Boston, Kellogg’s School of Management (Chicago) and IIT Delhi, Mr. Atul Holkar was kind enough to spare some time to mentor the students of PGDM-RM (Batch 2020-22) and introduce his start-up, “Art of Working”, which provides coaching and training to working professionals in achieving ‘Happiness at work’ resulting in better career growth prospects, productivity and overall better health.

After a brief introduction of the session by Dr. Deepika Saxena,HOD (PGDM-RM) the discussion moved towards various steps to plan one’s career by Mr. Atul Holker. These were steps that will not only help college students but any individual who might find herself baffled amidst the different career options and the long list of personal likes and dislikes. Stop expecting, assess yourself, clean-up your environment, update regularly, brush your soft skills, smile more, were some of the very essential steps discussed in the session. Mr. Atul Holkar was generous enough to share his LinkedIn profile as well as his official Art of Working page on Instagram with the students so that they could stay connected with him even after the session.

He openly welcomed all kinds of doubts and questions, not necessarily related to the supply chain but even if someone had any questions related to his/her own career. This session was much required for the students as most of them find themselves in a situation wherein they are not sure if they are going in the right direction or not, and receiving advice from someone as experienced as Mr. Holkar, it is nothing less than an opportunity that nobody would have wanted to miss.