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Session on - Entrepreneurial Motivation Achievement

Session on - Entrepreneurial Motivation Achievement  by Mr. Sunny Seth, Assistant Professor, JIMS, Mr. Sanjiv Saxena, Assistant Professor, JIMS and Ms. Jyotsna Oswal, Assistant Professor JIMS

JIMS Institution InnovationCell is formulated with an objective of molding students towards thedevelopment of entrepreneurial skills.  In addition to this, it alsoassists students in launching their own entrepreneurial venture. JIMS Rohini organized a session on “Entrepreneurial MotivationAchievement” on September 02, 2020 for the students of PGDM-IB and PGDM-RM,with the sole objective of informing them how one can be a successfulentrepreneur.

The session was started by Mr. Sunny Seth with theintroduction of how a business man is different from an entrepreneur.He differentiated the thought process of both, as an entrepreneur focuses onevery aspect of the venture but a businessman focuses only on profit. Heexplained the concepts by taking few examples from the corporate world likeMukesh Ambani.


The session was further taken over by Mr. SanjeevSaxena who explained various qualities that a successfulentrepreneur possesses and what makes them different from others.He discussed qualities one should have to become a successful entrepreneur,sense of achievement, moderate risk taker, must possess an analytical abilityand many more. 

GETT (General enterprising tendency test) a typeof self-assessment test for entrepreneurship was conducted by Ms. Jyotsna Oswal.
Students of PGDM-Retail and PGDM-International Businessparticipated enthusiastically in the online Quiz focussed on assessing theEntrepreneurial Tendency of the students. This was in addition to other plannedactivities comprising a session on basic personality traits of Entrepreneurssupported by specific examples from industry.


Queries were raised by students which were convincingly answered by thefacilitators.