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Guest Session on - Export Import Opportunities:The Bright Side of the Pandemic

IMS Rohini organised a Guest Lecture on “Export Import Opportunities:The Bright Side of the Pandemic” on August 20, 2020 for the students of PGDM-IB (Batch of 2020-22), with the objective of providing an insight on the working of the international supply chain. The resource person for the session was Mr. Praduman Gupta; Manager, Sales and Marketing, Lasco Shipping Co. Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Praduman started by stating the reality as to how we are facing challenges in every field today, owing to the pandemic, but how it’s a great reset simultaneously having immense impact and implications on business. He continuously emphasised on the fact that we need to shift our focus to efforts that support a return to work and towards adapting to the current scenario in order to be at an advantageous position in the time of such crisis. He explained this by throwing some light on the functioning of his organisation as to how they worked on their policies to adjust to the given circumstances and worked closely with businesses to help them mobilize, stabilize and strategize for what’s next. Mr. Gupta discussed the six key areas of focus for an organisation, operations and supply chain being the backbone of them all. He also introduced the concept of alternative supply chain scenarios, substitution of raw material, flexible allocations to customers and finally compared the current demand with the availability of options to provide an overview on the situation. He talked about how small businesses are adapting to survive the Covid-19 crisis, what all products were birthed and turned out to be the most profitable during this time. He further shed some light on the opportunities that could be gained as of now considering the revised policies and change in pricing and taxation effects, while simultaneously putting forth that manufacturing power assists in sustaining such setbacks. The session was brought to a close by sharing views on how to prepare during covid-19, for an International Business and the post pandemic consequences for the Indian businesses in the international market. Overall, the session was much appreciated as it was indeed perceptive.