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Alumni Session on Adaptability

Mr Abhyudya started the session by sharing his 7 years of long journey wherein he started his career with sales profile and now has become Sr Manager with AON Solutions. He spoke about the challenges he faced. He gave inputs about the college life to the students which can actually make them a vibrant human being suitable for the corporate and can very well relate to the topic of the session. He then started with his presentation of understanding evolution and how it has affected us and where do we go from here is done by bridging the KSAP Gap. KSAP stands for knowledge(K), skills(S), ability(A), personality(P). These are the four key aspects that we have to keep in mind. This time in our lives is the best time to explore and start searching for what we want to do by setting an end goal. Exploring ourselves and where we went wrong and how to fix it is the key factor to identify. But how do we do this? “KSAP”.

The session gave students knowledge about the transformation from facebook to Linkedin, Netflix to youtube. The learning courses and certifications were also discussed to enhance the knowledge